• This is our most famous and best selling blend, one that represents us as a family and as a business.

     Six of the finest single origin beans that combine to make a premium espresso which by now is representing our family on five continents.

     It is made with a deep tradition of labour and love which perpetuates our history to this day and age.

     We invite you to see our tradition, to taste the difference and to feel the love that this universal blend is famous for.

     Ideally suited for espresso lovers but holds its own superior values in any brewing style.

  • Minas – Minas Santos

    Ok, we will not beat around the bush. This is definitely a different coffee with unique properties to what we usually offer. Appealing to the eastern European coffee enthusiasts, the Minas and the Minas Santos blend are worlds apart to our usual blends and are distinctive in taste and appearance. Earthy and dry flavours of a nutty instinct are abundant. It is ideal for Turkish style preparation and not suited for modern brewing methods. One of the world’s favourite coffee cup reading blends. Be warned, it is very strong in nature and has a very long and dominant after taste.
  • Colombia Supremo Bachue

    This fabulous coffee is grown around the great city of Bogota, the city which our business is named after. Grown in one of the world’s finest coffee growing regions the results are for all to see through the exceptional consistence of the Bachue. The Bachue is certainly a proven and much sought after commodity in our industry as it compliments and supplements most blends with complex flavours and a distinctive aroma that elevate any blend to a greater level,  but we believe that it should be enjoyed as a stand alone cup to really appreciate its true values. It is a perfect single origin bean with subtle chocolate flavour and fabulous intense aroma. We consider the Bachue the “Crem de la crème” of Colombian coffee. It is suited to all brewing methods especially in the darker roasts of modern day espresso. Taste wise we believe there isn’t a finer Colombian and for that matter South American on the market. This is a bean that legends are made from.
  • This small bean is Ethiopia’s superstar coffee with many wonderful and unique characteristics. Respected worldwide and considered as the best Ethiopian coffee and one of the finest to come out of Africa. It is a superb single origin coffee with a vast array of complex flavours and distinctive undertones of a citrus and berry nature  with subtle floral undertones. Once all elements are combined a spectacular and definitive flavour is created which some modern day Australian connoisseurs describe as ”Neapolitan ice cream” like  . The Yirgachaffe is ideal for all types of brewing styles including espresso and blends well with others to enhance and enrich flavour, body and aroma. Small in size but big in reputation. Distinctive and vibrant.
  • Colombia Supremo

    This coffee is one of Colombia’s most famous exports, renowned and respected worldwide. Offerings off the sweetest fruity flavour and fabulous aroma it is described by most as one of the world’s more delicate coffees. The Supremo is a great all day coffee and is versatile to all brewing methods. Its pleasant sweetness and great body represent the classical Colombian characteristics of quality over quantity to this day. Colombia Supremo is a true household name in every coffee connoisseur’s opinion and is one of the most sought after Colombian coffees. Everybody will agree that the Supremo plays a vital role in our industry, a role built on proven quality and the highest respect.
  • This super star is one of Costa Rica’s most famous exports. Calibri Tarrazu is a fabulous single origin coffee which is ideal for any brewing method yet can be enjoyed on it’s own. The vibrant and rich flavour of sweet honey and floral undertones elevate the Calibri to great heights as far as taste is concerned, whilst it’s full fragrant aroma is one to treasure and cherish. In our humble opinion the Calibri is one of the better Central American coffees on the market. The Calibri is an all day coffee which packs a decent hit when used as an espresso. It compliments and enhances most blends creating superior rich crema and faboulous flavour. Steadily growing in terms of recognition as its unique and delicate properties are slowly coming to the fore worldwide. We have chosen this intimate bean as it shows promise and is very different to most of South and Central Americas regulars.
  • Kenya AA

    Kenya AA is a true superstar coffee and is one of the world’s most loved, respected and recognized names. Superior quality runs deep in the veins of the Kenya AA due to the fact that it is perfect in all aspects from appearance to taste, production and availability. Taste wise it is hard to beat with sweet winey like flavour predominant yet coffee connoisseurs   around the world readily associate the Kenya AA with sweet chocolate and malt. Hints of tropical fruit flavour and berry like undertones are also abundant. A very special single origin coffee which is produced in the highest quality controlled way. Everything about this coffee leads to a promise of perfection. It is suited to all brewing styles and packs a decent hit.
  • Kuda Mas  is  considered by  many  coffee connoisseurs   as one of the world’s best pound for pound coffees . Certainly it is the best of the Indonesians in our humble opinion.  A great single origin suited to all brewing methods that can stand up to anyone’s opinion of quality and perfection. Taste wise the yummy choco-caramel is abundant and lingers with purpose even after the cup with hints of floral earthy undertones complimenting the cause. The vibrant and distinctive aroma is a scent of bliss to remember. According to our master roaster it is very hard to beat and compliments any blend as an addition to enhance and enrich  flavour, body and aroma. Ding ding ding we have a champion.
  • The Kimel A is a superior bean in all regards, grown in one of the best coffee regions  and climates in the world. A premium single origin coffee that is suited to any brewing method. It delivers a distinctive rich flavour of sweet dark chocolate and subtle complex  undertones of a fruity, floral and somewhat spicy nature.

    This great bean is surely one of the best to come out of Papua New Guinea and can match if not topple any rival. It is a very aromatic bean that produces a spectacular result every time.

    Kimel A is a very popular and sought after coffee throughout the world as it can be enjoyed on its own or combined with others to enhance both flavour and aroma.

    A household name of the industry with a well deserved reputation of the highest order.

  • We have chosen this coffee as it is proven and highly sort after decaf . Being of a Colombian Supremo origin, it represents fine and delicate flavour even after the decaf process. One of the leaders in the decaf industry and one of the most recongnized aswell. It is suited to all brewing methods including “Turkish” and “Espresso”.
  • Ethiopia Sidamo

    Sidamo is another fabulous Ethiopian which is in great demand throughout the world. It is a premium single origin coffee which holds its own with its more popular and known  Ethiopian cousins. The Sidamo is delicate and complex in every sense from size, aroma to flavour which appealed to us and our customers from the start. Offerings of spice and floral flavour with a sweet citrus palate are abundant in the Sidamo, most notably those of lemon and citrus. A wonderful all day coffee with smooth characteristics but packs a decent punch for a perfect lift me up. It is suited to all brewing methods in particular plunger and espresso.
  • Indonesia Java Blawan

    Java Blawan is a classical earthy Indonesian coffee and very sought after one as well.Quite different to its fellow Indonesian and PNG cousins in many ways most importantly in flavour and appearance. It is certainly of an acquired taste but represents itself to the highest degree in every way possible. With hints of dark chocolate it suits most brewing methods including espresso. Everyone has their own interpretation on the Blawan but we all agree that its taste is distinctive and rich. Intense aftertaste is guaranteed. Sometimes some coffees impress us in ways that most cant and the Blawan is one of them.We have chosen the Blawan because of its somewhat unconventional properties which make it unique and special in its own right.