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Welcome to the World of Coffee

The main inspiration behind the creation of Bogota Coffee was the common ambition of my family to perpetuate our long and proud history of coffee roasting which began in 1972.

Our top fifteen blends were chosen to fulfil every coffee connoisseur’s palate, regardless of brewing method.
Papua New Guinea “Kimel A”

    $ 42 per kg

The Kimel A is a superior bean in all regards, grown in one of the best coffee regions and climates in the world. A premium single origin coffee that is suited to any brewing method.

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Bogota Espresso – House Blend

    $ 38 per kg

This is our most famous and best selling blend, one that represents us as a family and as a business. It is made with a deep tradition of labour and love which perpetuates our history to this day and age.

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Colombia Supremo Bachue

    $ 40 per kg

This fabulous coffee is grown around the great city of Bogota, the city which our business is named after. We consider the Bachue the “Crem de la crème” of Colombian coffee.

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Kenya AA

    $ 38 per kg

Kenya AA is a true superstar coffee and is one of the world’s most loved, respected and recognized names. It is suited to all brewing styles and packs a decent hit.

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Our blends of coffee represent quality, taste, and satisfaction but most importantly coffee beans that are of renowned character and are regarded as some of the best in the world.